Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Body Composition

We are all striving to be the best versions of ourselves, whether it is academically, professionally, physically or virtually.

The problem with this is that most people we meet (mainly over 40’s) have focused on academics and careers but have neglected themselves physically in the process.

When we talk about composition, we are talking about how much of the body is made up of fat and muscle. Just because someone is thin, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a relatively high fat level and when someone talks about tone, it essentially means more muscle and less fat. So how do you relate to the subject of body composition, scale weight, clothes size, BMI (invented in the 1830’s - I’d have hoped we would have moved on from this by now) and various tried and failed ways of eating?


But how do you measure this 1. for accountability and 2. to make sure you are on track?

At Prime Studio we cater this to individual needs and we also use different methods, including Bio signature.

But what is it?


Bio signature was derived after Charles Poliquin (a strength coach and author of 8 books) had worked with an array of athletes. Through blood analysis, they noticed a correlation between hormones and areas in which fat was being stored and subsequently derived a 12-point system using skin fold measurements. This gives us a sound basis on which to assess an individual and make a plan. We can then ensure that a client is responding the way we want them to in relation to training (body fat percentage, increase in lean mass etc) as well as managing nutritional needs throughout the course of them attending our facility.

biosig diagram