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Nutrition is essential to support training, competing and many health conditions, however there are so many different views, opinions and anecdotes, which make it difficult to know exactly what we should be eating and when.

While exercise is known to produce many positive effects, high intensity or duration training may put additional demands on the body. If these demands are not supported with optimum nutrition, then training adaptations may not occur, performance may be adversely affected and injury and illness may be more frequent.

A personalised approach, which takes into consideration the type and level of exercise and sports performance, lifestyle factors and individual physiology, is paramount to support these decisions. In addition, other necessary considerations include food preferences, allergies and intolerances and practical factors such as time.


Here at Prime Studio, our advice takes all of these into account and produces evidenced-based recommendations which are tailored to suit you. These recommendations are delivered on a one-to-one basis with follow up and regular feedback to support behaviour change.

Some of the areas covered:
• Weight management for weight loss, muscle mass gain or weight maintenance.
• Gut health through the introduction of certain foods and supplements, or the removal of other foods.
• Nutrition timing to support training and competition with guidelines on what to eat, when.
• Using anti-inflammatory nutritional strategies to manage the effects of excess exercise, certain dietary choices and lifestyle factors.

Young and happy woman eating healthy salad sitting on the table with green fresh ingredients indoors